BluebellBluebell presenterar nu sin nya enhet BlueLite som är utvecklad för multi kamera produktioner inom brodcast och OB. BlueLite har en blandning av video- och ljudsignaler tillsammans med en kombination av en kostnadseffektiv lösning.


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Bluebell releases BlueLite for portable camera productions 

The BlueLite is a new compact fibre interface designed for use in portable multi camera productions and outside broadcast. A mixture of video and audio signals is combined to provide a flexible and cost effective solution for many production applications. Two 3G-SDI signals provide video feeds with reverse 3G-SDI paths for monitoring.

All signals are multiplexed onto fibre so a single cable is required for quick and easy deployment. Each unit is supplied in a rugged unit suitable for the rigours of repeated rigging and de-rigging.

Paul McCann, Managing Director says " We see this as an important addition to the Bluebell deployable product line. We will be expanding the range with additional BlueLite products in the coming months all designed to provide increased levels of connectivity between productions positions within a venue or between remote sites, all with an excellent price/performance ratio"
" In addition all the BlueLite video paths are fully SMPTE compliant through the use of the highest grade optical components. This ensures we pass 3G-SDI pathological signals for optimal signal performance with minimal jitter and eye pattern degradation."

Bluebell - BlueLiteBidirectional audio signals provide program audio, comms, data and genlock for camera control and synchronisation. BlueLite is a particularly cost effective solution for 3D camera positions and units have already been tested with compact remote cameras, portable camera cranes and jibs.
Importantly a genlock signals also provides the ability to lock remote cameras to a central reference.

Fibre connectivity is via singlemode Neutrik OpticalCON DUO as standard.

The Base end can also be replaced with a combination of cards from the BC Series Range should a 19" rack based solution be required for a truck or flypack


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